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Land Trusts

To see a list of local land trusts and their contact info please visit the RI Land Trust Council website at: http://www.rilandtrusts.org/

Watershed Councils

To see a list of local land trusts and their contact info please visit the RI Rivers Council website at: http://www.ririvers.org/watershed%20councils.htm

Other organizations, agencies, etc (in alphabetical order)

American Planning Association, RI Chapter (RIAPA)

The RIAPA is a non-profit public interest and research organization dedicated to urban, suburban, regional and rural planning. RIAPA membership is made up of planners at all government levels, private consultants, local planning board members, landscape architects, environmental scientists, lawyers, professors, students and other professionals dedicated to sound planning principles.

Apeiron Institute for Environmental Living

Apeiron's mission is to transform Rhode Island into a sustainable state where the needs of the present are met without compromising the needs of future generations. By promoting sustainable living practices they act as a catalyst to creating healthy communities. They lead by example and serve as an information portal that educates, connects and inspires individuals, families, schools, businesses, communities, governments and other institutions to live more sustainably.

American Society of Landscape Architects, RI Chapter (RIASLA)

The purpose of the Chapter is to advance knowledge, education, and skill in the art and science of landscape architecture as an instrument of service in the public welfare and to promote the profession of landscape architecture and advance the practice through advocacy, education, communication, and fellowship.

Aquidneck Island Planning Commission (AIPC)

AIPC serves as a forum for communication, coordination and consensus building among Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth and the state of Rhode Island, Naval Station Newport and other civic, state, and federal organizations; provides Middletown, Newport and Portsmouth and with the opportunities, tools, techniques and professional support to resolve island-wide issues; facilitates solutions on critical island-wide comprehensive planning issues such as transportation, water quality, land use and development.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island (ASRI)

The purposes of ASRI are to foster conservation of wild birds and other animal and plant life, to conserve wildlife habitat and unique natural areas through acquisition or other means, to carry out a broad program of public conservation education, to focus public attention on natural resource problems, to provide leadership when action on natural resource problems is necessary, and to take other actions to foster better management of the natural environment for the benefit of humans and all other life.

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission (BRVNHCC)

Clean Water Action (CWA)

Clean Water Action is an organization of 1.2 million members working to empower people to take action to protect America 's waters, build healthy communities and to make democracy work for all of us. For 36 years Clean Water Action has succeeded in winning some of the nation's most important environmental protections through grassroots organizing, expert policy research and political advocacy focused on holding elected officials accountable to the public.

Cooperative Extension Education Center (URI)

The Center provides a window to the URI College of the Environment and Life Sciences and RI Cooperative Extension through which citizens, communities, government agencies or businesses can access research-generated knowledge and obtain assistance to address a broad range of socioeconomic and environmental issues. They offer a variety of programs and services through the Center and also field requests for assistance from College and Cooperative Extension experts.

Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA)

Through education, collaboration, and networking, ELA promotes the design, installation, and maintenance of landscapes that are guided by a knowledge of and respect for natural ecosystems.

GrowSmart Rhode Island (GSRI)

Grow Smart Rhode Island is a statewide public interest group representing a broad coalition of partners fighting sprawl and leading the charge for better-managed growth through innovative policies and programs to: revitalize city, town and village centers; preserve cultural and natural resources; expand economic opportunity for all Rhode Islanders.

Local Initiatives Support Coalition (LISC)

LISC organizes capital and other resources to support the development of healthy and resilient neighborhoods that are good places to live, work, raise children and conduct business.

Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP)

Protects and preserves Narragansett Bay and its watershed through partnerships that conserve and restore natural resources, enhance water quality and promote community involvement.

Nature Conservancy, The (TNC)

TNC preserve's the white pine forests, rivers, wetlands and habitats that make Rhode Island unique. Thanks to the support of The Nature Conservancy members and volunteers, TNC has protected 22,000 acres of critical land and waters throughout the state.

New England Wildflower Society (NEWFS)

Promotes the conservation of temperate North American flora through education, research, horticulture, habitat preservation, and advocacy.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of RI (NOFA/RI)

NOFA/RI is an organization of consumers, gardeners, farmers and environmentalists working to promote organic farming practices and supporting all efforts for a healthier, sustainable agricultural system.

Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD)

The Northern Rhode Island Conservation District is a non-profit, quasi-public organization that functions as a facilitator for meeting the needs of the local land user in the conservation of soil, water and other related natural resources.

Ocean Project, The

The Ocean Project advances ocean conservation by working in partnership with zoos, aquariums, and museums (ZAMs) and others to educate visitors on the importance of protecting and conserving our ocean planet.

RI Builders Association (RIBA)

Not-for-profit organization addressing the shelter needs of the community goals are to support the building industry's effort to enhance the economic growth and quality of life in Rhode Island; promote the highest standards of professionalism for the betterment of the building industry and those they serve; provide leadership, education, technology and necessary services to improve the skills of members and the quality of their products; and enhance a cooperative relationship between government, the community, and themselves.

RI Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC)

The CRMC is a management agency with regulatory functions. Its primary responsibility is for the preservation, protection, development and where possible the restoration of the coastal areas of the state via the issuance of permits for work with the coastal zone of the state.

RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM)

RIDEM is committed to preserving the quality of Rhode Island 's environment, maintaining the health and safety of its residents, and protecting the natural systems upon which life depends. Together with many partners, they offer assistance to individuals, business and municipalities, conduct research, find solutions, and enforce laws created to protect the environment.

RI Land Trust Council (RILTC)

The Rhode Island Land Trust Council's purpose is to foster a sustainable land conservation movement in Rhode Island by supporting the missions and operations of land trusts and providing a forum for their effective cooperation. These land trusts seek to preserve open spaces, natural areas, scenic character, watersheds, drinking water sources, farmland, forests, historic sites, and shorelines that uniquely define our communities.

RI Land and Water Partnership

The Rhode Island Land and Water Partnership builds the capacity of critically important grassroots organizations that work to protect our state's land and water resources. Partnership programs foster learning and collaboration among conservation leaders throughout the state and region.

RI League of Cities and Towns

A private, non-partisan membership association of local governments in Rhode Island that represents the interests of municipal officials and provides them services which enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of city and town services.

RI Natural History Survey (RINHS)

RINHS is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1994 to gather and disseminate information on Rhode Island 's animals and plants, geology, and ecosystems, to facilitate communication among the diverse people, agencies, and organizations interested in the ecology of Rhode Island , and to support naturalists and the study of Rhode Island 's natural history.

RI Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

NRCS is a federal agency that works hand-in-hand with the people of Rhode Island to improve and protect their soil, water and other natural resources. For decades, private landowners have voluntarily worked with NRCS specialists to prevent erosion, improve water quality and promote sustainable agriculture.

RI Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO)

Provides decision-makers with the skills and resources that they need to identify local water quality problems and to adopt effective pollution controls. Offers training in the science, management, and regulation of water resources for community leaders and volunteer board members.

RI Nursery and Landscape Association

Promotes the green industry in the State of Rhode Island and cooperates with similar organizations in other states.

RI Rivers Council (RIRC)

The RI General Assembly created the RI Rivers Council to coordinate efforts to improve the quality of the state's rivers and their watersheds.

RI Saltwater Anglers Association

The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association is a non-profit organization created to provide a forum for recreational saltwater anglers, provide education to members concerning fishing techniques, improved catches, and overall enjoyment of fishing, foster sportsmanship, support marine conservation and sound management of fisheries resources, and provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and the future of recreational fishing in Rhode Island.

RI Sea Grant

The Rhode Island Sea Grant College Program is a federal-state-university partnership based at the University of Rhode Island . The program offers research, education, outreach, legal, and communications programs that address two core themes—Sustainable Coastal Communities & Ecosystems and Sustainable Fisheries.

RI Statewide Planning Program

The Statewide Planning Program is charged with preparing and maintaining plans for the physical, economic, and social development of the state; encouraging their implementation; and coordinating the actions of state, local and federal agencies and private individuals within the framework of the state's development goals and policies.  The basic charge is established by Sections 42-11-10 and 12 of the General Laws.

RI Technology Transfer (RI T2) Center

The objective of the Center is to meet the needs of the local transportation personnel and agencies by establishing and maintaining a system to increase transportation expertise to the state and local transportation and public works agencies, providing a conduit for materials prepared at the national level for local use, encouraging and promoting effective implementation and use of research findings and innovations for improving transportation, and improving communication on transportation technology between federal, state, and local transportation agencies.

RI Wild Plant Society (RIWPS)

The Rhode Island Wild Plant Society, Inc. is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Rhode Island 's native plants and their habitats.

Save the Bay (STB)

STB and its supporters are an active force in southern New England, working to protect, restore and explore Narragansett Bay and its watershed.

Sierra Club, RI Chapter

The vision of the RI Sierra Club is to protect our fresh ocean air and the legacy of our beaches and coastlines by reducing global warming pollution to sustainable levels (80% by 2050); broaden the prosperity of Rhode Island communities with affordable commutes and green jobs; and reduce our dependence on dirty, imported oil.

Southern Rhode Island Conservation District (SRICD)

The mission of the SRICD is to promote and achieve a healthy environment and sustainable use of natural resources for the people of Kent & Washington Counties and the State of Rhode Island , now and for the future, by coordinating partners to provide technical, educational and financial resources.

Toxics Information Project (TIP)

TIP's mission is to help those already affected - and inform everyone else about their own vulnerability to the same toxic chemicals - with information about healthier alternatives.

US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1

EPA's mission is to protect and restore the environment and protect the human health of the citizens.

Washington County Regional Planning Council

The purpose of the Council is to identify effective solutions to regional challenges, encourage their implementation, and realize the shared vision of the nine Washington County municipalities.

Watershed Watch (URI)

The URI Watershed Watch program works with local communities to assess water quality and provide information for more effective management of critical water resources. URI Watershed Watch helps local governments, watershed, tribal and other organizations to recruit and train volunteers to become citizen scientists gathering detailed, quality assured monitoring data. They provide training, equipment, supplies and analytical services tailored to organizational needs, while meeting strict quality assurance and quality control guidelines in the field and in their state-certified laboratory.



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